Direct Mail Strategies for a More Effective Marketing Campaign Using Automation

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Direct mail (or direct mail advertising) is advertising material or product sent directly to households or offices of commercial buyers. These include postcards, brochures with an offer, flyers, solicitations, coupon sheets from companies or nonprofits, and other free samples sent by companies. The advantage of direct mail over other mediums of direct promotion is that it targets the potential customer directly, and at a personal level. This makes it easier to motivate and retain customers and results in higher brand recognition.

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There are several types of direct mail advertising available, depending on the audience and purpose. While direct mail is most popular in Canada, there are other countries that have similar campaigns using postal service. In the United States, the most common medium is still advertising mail sent through the US Postal Service (USPS). This includes both domestic and international postal addresses. Advertising direct mail by using the direct mail marketing automation and Canada Post Service costs less than advertising by using other channels, such as television, radio, and other advertising media.

Types of Direct Mail Marketing Strategies using Automation

There are four components of direct mail that influence the success of a marketing campaign: response rate, open rate, conversion rate, and cost per response (CPR). To understand these concepts, a little bit of statistical background is required. The “Response Rate” is the number of people who have personally responded to an advertisement or solicitation and is usually expressed as a percentage. The “Open Rate” is the number of households or residences in which a direct mail advertisement was sent and is expressed as a percentage of the population who opened the mail or did not open the advertisement.

On any direct mail campaign, the primary goal is to meet the specific or most pressing need that a consumer has identified, and then generate feedback to make sure that your efforts are meeting desired results. To help you with this process of creating a campaign that is meeting or exceeding the goals, many smart marketers use a “Best Practices” approach. Best practices suggest that marketers assess the direct mail piece’s ability to satisfy a need and then determine if further work is needed to fully meet that need. By creating a series of different-sized direct mail pieces, for example, marketers can make sure that every household in a targeted zip code will open the campaign ad, thereby maximizing the response rate.

Another important aspect of successful direct mail campaigns is the quality of the consumer’s email that receives the direct mail campaign. Social media marketing experts strongly recommend that marketers create a highly targeted email list. This list should include names of individuals who have expressed a strong interest in the product or service being offered by the business, along with their email address. The idea behind this recommendation is that once you have these names and email addresses of individuals who are interested in a certain business, it is much easier to design and deliver a high-converting and highly responsive direct mail piece. To make this even more effective, make sure that the copywriting for your direct mail piece utilizes key phrases or buzzwords that will be highly effective with this targeted consumer base.

Costs Associated with Direct Mail Campaigns

When it comes to mailing costs, another smart option is to use USPS Office Marketing Services. While many businesses prefer to advertise in traditional newspaper classifieds, direct mail advertising can provide an even greater return on investment. Advertising through the United States Postal Services (USPS) can give you a chance to reach households in all areas of the country, even outside of the continental US. While this type of advertising may be more expensive than other advertising mail options, it is often much less expensive than what many local businesses pay for their television or radio advertising.

Perhaps the best known strategy for direct marketing is using the power of paid search marketing. Paid search marketing allows you to insert a small, paid advertisement right into the middle of what would otherwise be a complete direct mail piece. This is a great idea for two reasons: first, people who do have a Facebook account are much more likely to open and read a marketing piece that uses their favorite social networking website as its source of information. Second, by providing users with a link directly to your company’s website, you can gain valuable links. The more links you have to your site, the more likely your site will rank higher in the search engines. Many large, high profile companies utilize paid search campaigns to give themselves a competitive advantage over smaller companies.

Direct mail using API is a great way to promote your company without resorting to expensive forms of advertising like television or radio advertisements. By focusing your efforts on direct mail campaigns that reach directly into your recipients’ homes, you can ensure that you are reaching the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. By using strategies that the direct mail marketing association suggests in their guide, you can ensure that your marketing campaign is successful.

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