Harmless Pranks ?

Posted by Tahni on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 14:44
Remember the "tp thread" ? I was thinking.. what pranks have you pulled ? I'll fess up.. we used to go driving around in sub-divisions and get in the cul-de-sacs where people had their drapes open.
We'd take a big universal remote control with us, and park and point it at the tv where the guy with the big ole beer belly was in his recliner watching tv and we'd turn his set off, or change his channels. He'd sit up and grab his remote and click click it. Then he'd be satisfied and lay back again. Then we'd click again. We'd just die laughing.
I remember once a guy would yell, a lady would come into the room, walk over and turn the channel, then leave. We'd do it again and he'd yell, she'd come from wherever, fix it and leave. About the 4th time, he got up went over and HIT the top of the TV.. BAM !
Boy,we took off fast.. we didn't mean for anyone to break anything..lol
That was my confession.. next ?

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Posted by: sierra  on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 14:53
once I was mad at someone and so i put a melted fudge sundae in their mailbox. one time I ordered 12 pizzas and had them delivered to an ex. the toppings were all pork. pork was against his beliefs. (literally) oh and one time I stuck a knife in someone's tire. i have a hundred more things but I better not say any more.it was all in fun though LOL

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Posted by: glenda ALon Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 15:03
Tahni, you little you!!!!

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Posted by: Kathie ( on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 15:10
One time when I was a kid, I was in Texas visiting family. Well they lived in a very small town, and they didn't have much to do for entertainment. So one night my cousins and I decided to go do some pranks. They came up with this plan to go out into the country, and move the outhouses on peoples farms back a couple of feet. So when the people would come outside at night to do their business, the hole would be in front of the door. You can use your imangination on what would happen. Yuck... Kathie

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Posted by: Bonny NorthEastCA  on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 16:07
#### One night, a bunch of us painted the "3-holer-outhouse", toilet seats (of a much disliked family) with molasses. Lets just say, it was a sticky situation. It sure would have been if we had been caught. he he he. bye, Bonny (Granny)

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Posted by: Patty on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 16:13
Oh Kathy you really did that!My son in law and I pulled a prank on my husband.We put a sleeping bag on the seat of a truck he does'nt use often.We had him believing someone was sleeping in it at night.Son-in-law would help with the gag stuff when I could'nt make it out.We talked him into not locking the truck,you know the person might not have a place to sleep.Who knows we said they might break your windshield out.Well one night SIL put a crushed beer can in with sleeping bag.DH could'nt figure out why he never saw anyone LOL.A couple nights later SIL added a jacket and coke can.The cans were thrown away by DH the next day.It was so hard not to laugh when he would tell about this person sleeping in his truck.Finally we added a couple beer cans,and sprayed in a little cologne.Then I know this is gross but we put a condom in there, and added just a little squirt of lotion.The look on his face that morning when he came in was hysterical.He dragged me outside to see what was in his truck.I saw SIL had removed the jacket and sleeping bag from the truck.I did'nt dare stay to watch him get it out of there.I would have gave it away right then.He called our SIL later in the day and told him all about it.My daughter said he had a hard time keeping from laughing.He just kept saying you got to be kidding lol.Anyway when October rolled around everybody knew what had went on except DH.We went to a costume party.We got a friend to come wearing a mask of course,and the jacket from the truck.He also carried the sleeping bag under his arm.Hubby took one look and grabbed my arm pointing.He said that's him the guy that slept in my truck.Everyone at the party knew what was going on and watching his reactions.When we could'nt take it anymore we confessed.The only thing he said was paybacks are a B****.We're still looking over our shoulders.

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Posted by: Sandy-IA on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 16:37
Patty that is just too much!!! I don't think I could have not been caught for it to go on for that length of time. You are the WOMEN!!! Sandy

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Posted by: RuthieG--MA  on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 16:43
Patty I don't think that one can be topped...Can't remember ever hearing a better one...

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Posted by: Debby-NY on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 17:02
This is one my brother pulled on DH years ago. We used to spend a lot of time on Fire Island which is a barrier beach near NYC. DH used to get up real early every morning and go surf casting. Every weekend, all summer. He never caught anything. One morning he sleeps in and my brother went for a walk on the beach, finds a fine fish washed up on shore, perfectly fresh, must have been caught by trawler net. Anyway, brother picks it up and brings it home, half an hour later DH comes downstairs and there is this beautiful fish. Brother said, oh I caught him first cast. DH spent rest of morning out there until we took pity on him and 'fessed up.

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Posted by: Angela TN on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 17:45
Boy, do some of us have a mean streak or what? LOL
When I still lived at my parents house I used to love to pull little pranks on them. One of my favorites was this..You know the little dish sprayers that a lot of people have at the kitchen sink? The ones with the little hose? Well, my favorite thing used to be to get some clear tape and wrap around it, so the button was pushed in, and aim it right towards the front of the sink. The first person to turn the water on to get a drink really got soaked! I also put plastic wrap under the rim of the toilet seat of my brother's bathroom one time. If you pull it really tight, you can't even see that it's there. It covered the entire hole in the toilet. Boy did he get a surprise! Of course, Mom wasn't too happy about the mess that one made..lol..I must have been getting him back for something. The only other thing I can think of is something we liked to do in high school. If you found that somebody had left their car unlocked (people we knew, of course) we would get inside, turn the radio really high, put on the blinkers, and turn the air conditioner all the way up. That really scared the devil out of them when they went to turn the car on! LOL
I miss my younger days..we had lots of fun!

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Posted by: Ginger - St Thomas on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 17:58
I think I told this before:
Some guy I dated years & years ago did something to me I didn't like (can't remember what). There used to be an area that had several bars where he'd stop in after work. I called every single one when I knew he wouldn't be there & asked for _______. Not there so I left a message: "Tell him Mary called & to get to the doctor ASAP. My Wasserman test (for VD) came back positive." Nobody ever saw him again.

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Posted by: Twiggy  on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 18:10
Replaced my BIL's new corvette with a childs electric corvette car. I did it in the morning when I knew he would be coming out for work and video taped his reaction. He was the chief of police, so you can imagine! It was hilarious. We still watch that tape!

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Posted by: BarbPA on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 19:36
One Halloween my then teenage brother came running in the house around midnight, hollered at my Mom that he was in bed and had been home all night. Then he ran to his room tore his clothes off and jumped in bed just as there was a knock on the door. It was the police and they wanted to talk to my bro. Mom said he was sleeping and wanted to know why they wanted to talk to him. They said nevermind, they wanted to talk to him. She said she wasn't wakeing him up without a reason. They finally told her (Mom was a tigeress when it came to her kids) that a bunch of boys had dressed up a dummy, put a knife in its chest and dumped a bottle of ketchup on it and left it beside a road that had a lot of weeds where they could hide. Well, somebody found it and didn't check too closely, they just called the police. The boys heard the language the cops used when they found it and giggled too loudly and the cops heard them. Picture police chaseing a bunch of kids thru a weedy meadow and over a bank with trees and bushes where the kids knew their way better than the police did. The police KNEW my bro had something to do with it. Well anyway, Mom kept a straight face and swore my bro had been at home all night because he was grounded. She refused to "wake" my bro up and the next morning just so she wasn't lying to the police my bro found himself grounded.

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Posted by: RuthieG--MA on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 20:10
This one just popped into my mind...When I was a first married and living away from home for the first time ..we used to occasionally go spend the weekend with my folks..They lived on a farm in the country and my Mother had just been bitten by a snake one night as she was getting out of the truck. We had been some where and gotten home and we were all piling out of the car...remember out in country ..no street lights...pitch black driveway...Mama had the car door open and was digging around in the back seat for something...I bent over and wrapped something(can't remember what now) around her ankles and started slowly pulling it and she just about came unglued.....I still remember that little lady jumping up and down and screaming....

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Posted by: luckeyme on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 21:30
Do these count? All done by DH... Fill paper bag with fresh as possible cow manure, place at front door, start bag burning, ring door bell....stand back and laugh, while person tries to stomp out the burning bag.
Place "For Sale...phone#" signs on friends cars.
Gather truck loads of old tires and "decorate" friends driveway.

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Posted by: Kim LI-NY  on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 21:32
My youth was far more boring than I realized :(

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Posted by: Sue  on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 21:35
I used to love to torture my sister with a song that I changed the words too. Brings a huge smile to my face remembering her reaction!! Remember *On top of old smokey* Piebubble?????????LOL LOL LOL

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Posted by: Barb  on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 22:45
Working with horses way back when, I accidentally got some DMSO on my hands, done with the horse, I got in my van (with a wood steering wheel) and drove home..
It took a couple weeks to realise that the odd 'oyster' taste in my mouth was from a DMSO contaminated steering wheel. DMSO was used topically on horses to reduce inflamation in joints and muscles, don't know what ~they~ taste.. A few years after that, a boyfriend dumped me badly.
I took great pleasure in coating the doorhandle of his multi-color primer painted car with DMSO.
A harmless prank of my brothers's was to loosen all the screws in someones cabinet pulls and door handles throughout the house so they all fell off when used... He also switched the hinges and closure on the chain link fence so it opened the 'wrong' way.
Oh, and I once tied many pairs of beer cans together with fishing line and flung them into a friends tree... She thought it was funny, her new hubby did not. One year later he dumped her 'badly', glad I did it!

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Posted by: Diane (countrycarousel@enter.net) on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 22:49
When we were first married, we lived in an apartment complex where when it snowed, we were each responsible for shoveling out our own parking space. One morning DH got up really early to shovel so we could go to work (2 cars, 2 spaces) amd when we got home somebody who lived at the opposite end of the building and evidently didn't feel like shoveling his own took one of our spaces. DH was so made that he waited until after dark and he and one of our neighbor buddies went out and packed the guys tires with snow then poured water over the snow to make sure it froze good and solid. I don't know how long it might have taken the guy to get his car out the next day but he never parked in our spaces again!!!
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Posted by: Kathie (Kateyez229@webtv.net) on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 22:54
Hey, I was only 13 when I helped with the outhouses. But here is another prank My friends and I did one time. It was durring election time, you know how people put signs out in their yards. Well one night I was having a slumber party, and we went out and switched the signs in a few peoples yards. The people that were for one guy now had a sign saying they were for the other guy. And so on and so on. Kathie

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Posted by: Mary Ellen~MO (maryeln100@aol.com) on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 22:56
Tahni - are you getting these for the KT Keeper?
These are hilarious!

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Posted by: Toni-Ne (atsfarm@navix.net) on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 23:24
My dad had an old Austin-Healy (sp?) that was in repairs just sitting in the garage. My little sis would go in there to play house. I thought it would be fun to make it haunted as she is easily scared. One of my first traps was to lock her inside with THE HAND. It was a dummy hand of course but she was beating the door down. She could have burst out the top but she didn't thank goodness or I might really be missing an arm! The windows had 'drapes' to make it homey (or dark!) LOL

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Posted by: Carolyn\South Louisiana (kellyb@mobiletel.com) on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 23:37
In high school...there was this really obnoxious girl. Really ! So..we put super glue on the floor,called her over..she steps in it...yep...her shoe is now a piece of the floor. She had to put her gym shoes on the rest of the day. Don't know what the janitor did with her shoe though. heheheh....Thoses gym shoes didn't really go with the outfit she was wearing I must say. Think she figured out that she better start being nice. As they say:"payback can be a B***h !!

RE: Harmless Pranks ?LOL !!!!
Posted by: Tahni (tahni_@hotmail.com) on Sun, Mar 5, 00 at 23:54
I tell you what.. for a bunch of "shallow.. fluffy girls interested in only .. cheesecake.. " we are NOT to be reckoned with.. we could do some damage.. LOL I love these.. keep em coming and yes, I'll save it.. I'm cracking up here !

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Posted by: Kendra in WA (jamestcarey@aol.com) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 1:20
For some reason or another, when I was young we could use our own phone to dial our own house. I would go to another room, dial my own number and hang up. Then I would go into a room that my little sis was in,wait for it to ring, then pick it up and pretend that it was Santa Claus on the other end. She still believed in Santa (we are 7 years apart in age). Boy could I get her to do anything I wanted when I had a direct link to "Santa"! I was absolutely awful. Some friends of mine used to take a purse, tape a dollar in it, so it was hanging out and showing, then tie fishing line to it. They would throw it out on the road by their house, a pretty major one, then hide in the bushes. Cars would stop, people would get out, then they'd yank the purse out of site while the peep wasn't looking. Funniest dang thing I ever saw. They also played this "game" with a man sized dummy they made called Buford. I think that the sherrif put a stop to that one. Buford was retired to the bare branches of the oak tree by their front door.
Keep em coming gals, these are a riot to read!

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Posted by: Frances CA (smorgan@ncinternet.net) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 4:10
One year our good friends came to our house Christmas caroling. They had rang the door bell but we wouldn't answer it. They were asking each other if we were home but decided to continue caroling for us just the same. In the meantime, I told my DH Steve to get the pistol and load it. We live out in the country. So he did and then went through the back door and snuck around the house to the front behind them. The boys and I were standing by the front door listening to our friends continue their singing and trying not to laugh. All of a sudden Steve started shooting the pistol-not at them of course!!! Well, they went from singing Christmas songs to screaming and cussing. After we could catch our breath from laughing so hard, we invited them to come into our house to visit, but they both said "No thanks" and took off. I guess they lost their Christmas spirit. Every December since then we ask them if they are going to come Christmas caroling to our house again, but I think we ended their singing career that night!
Frances :)

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Posted by: Barb (BDarby@nospamwebtv.net) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 4:11
I'm gettin' flashbacks now...
Never been on the recieving end of these, thank goodness...
K-Y jelly under the door handle of the car...
Sticky mouse trap in the palm of a handshake...
Computer generated bumper sticker that said
"Honk If You're Gay Too"
Oh man, I'm near the edge here.. Would the 'Cicada in the mouth' be too much?
If not I'll make some calls..

. RE: Harmless Pranks ?
Posted by: Angela KS (ericandangela@msn.com) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 7:19
I went to high school 30 miles outside of town. In town, there was a small hamburger shop. The burgers were so good, and they smelled SO bad! They smelled like B.O. - because of the grilled onions. You literally couldn't go inside the shop without having to shower and wash your clothes afterwards. Anyway, one Thursday night after school, a few of us were bored. It was to be a four-day weekend, and we had no idea what to do. We drove into town for some of those famous burgers (we got 3 dozen - they're really small, like White Castle). We drove back to school and ate about a dozen of them (there were 3 of us). What to do with the rest of the burgers? Can't let 'em go to waste! We stashed them in people's open lockers - inside books, coat pockets, hats, gym bags, you name it! Under vending machines... we were going to open the vents and place them in the air ducts, but we couldn't find a screwdriver. That next Tuesday, when school resumed, the place was absolutely rank! As people found the burgers in their lockers, they screamed and threw them across the commons area. There was a huge burger fight at 7:30 in the morning! One of the guys came screaming up to me and shoved an open book in my face with a squished burger in it, "Look what they did to my American Government book!" It took everything I had to not bust out laughing.
No one found out who was responsible until ten years later, at the class reunion!
Ah, memories!

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Posted by: Sunshine OH (pondmore@cannet.com) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 8:31
Welllllll,when I was about 12yrs old,the highlight of a Thursday evening was when my Grandma & Grandpa brought over Ice Cream..My Mom was in the Kitchen dishing out ice cream for all of us and I decided to Hide in the closet,close to where she was at.....so I left a crack open so I could see her as she started to come my way....When I seen her she had 2 dishes of Yummmmmy Ice Cream in her hands and I OPENED the door and said>>>>>BOOOOOOOOO real loud...and she said OH S*ITTTTT and the Ice Cream went up in the air and right down on the floor...everyone come running and I come out of the closet saying>>>Ohhhhhhh Mom it was just me and I said I am sorrrrrrrryyyyy!!!! She and everyone just looked at me like>>> what in the heck is wrong with u..Dad said>> what would make u do a thing like that???? I said...I don't know...I don't know...but I'm sooooo sorry now...Mom said..welll little girl..its a little late for that now,don't you think???? I said Yes and then asked if I could still have some Ice cream??? With asking that everyone just started laughing and Mom said>>>U amaze me sometimes!! ROTFL!! Well for years,they always talked about that!!! ROTFL!!!

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Posted by: michele in ATL (mmjdr@mindspring.com) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 9:33
Ooooh boy - this post is screaming my name, more than a few come to mind, but I'll share one or two.....
Old boyfriend that REALLY did me wrong (put the moves on another girl at a party who just so happened to be a friend of mine from work...small world...heh heh) got it good by us:
1) We put his name in the "male seeking male" local community newspaper personal ads. Came up with a real clever ad with his name and # included. heh heh....
2) I put his car and dog (prized possessions - took that dog EVERYWHERE he took me) up for sale in the want ads - CHEAP.
The funniest thing about the gay personal ad was that he lived with his parents, so his dad answered a lot of the "inquiring" phone calls. I had a few of my friend's boyfriends call and act as the "interested inquirer", just so I could hear the expression on the other end. It was good therapy for me.... Oh, and I also had a good friend who was going to school for Criminal Justice, so has some access to police stuff, so she got me a bunch of those violaton tickets they put on your car, so I kept going to wherever I knew his car would be parked for like a week, and would write out parking tickets and put them on his windshield.
Believe me, there was more to the story than I have time to explain, so he really had it coming.
BTW, the ex eventually had his # changed.

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Posted by: rabbit in the den (rbtrnch@webtv.net) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 9:55
.Well... I guess I am too pure...
. My ex always swore no one could get him on April Fools.... ha... (he was also a pervert....)
So I waited until he was in the shower, and I came running in, and said "hey... you'll never believe it... the are two squirrel out here, doing "it", right in the yard...."
Yes... he came screaming out of the shower to see, wet soapy feet and all.....when he hit the painted floor of the screened in porch, he went .....skidding until he hit the far wall.....
then splat....
(he was really mad he missed the squirrels, and madder that they really hadn't been there after all)
Was dating a guy, who was friends with a cop. Stopped at the station, he left me sitting waiting like a dutiful dog (the way I saw it... sit stay) for 45 min.. well, after 20 minutes, I slid over, and moved the car around the building.... and stood where I could watch....(he loved himself and his car) He came out, and the look was priceless.... went back in and got his friend.... when it got to the stage of an APB... I walked up.
He screamed at me for leaving his car alone, and letting it get stolen....
(didn't care it could have gotten car jacked with me in it)
I told he and the cop what I had done.... the cop ROTFLHBO..... me too, the guy was MAD....(no sense of humor)... cop said I had guts to commit GRAND THEFT AUTO in front of the station.....
I walked home... didn't see the guy again....
dh got his sis good. He was always scared of thunder and gun shots... His sis was mean, always picking on him... he was a little guy for his age... she woke him one night with firecrackers.... scared him silly. His parents owned a store. The next day he went to the store, and got every mouse trap... He waited until she was upstairs in her room reading. He set two traps on every step..... then he yelled that the house was on fire....and down she ran.... it slays me when he tells the story of mouse traps snapping and flying around..... her screaming at him

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Posted by: Patty (Ruby@westco.net) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 12:46
Just bringing it back to the top.

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Posted by: Sandy-IA (may2282@hotmail.com) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 13:56
These are priceless guys!!!! There are tears running down my cheeks from laughing-great lunch break. Sandy

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Posted by: Michelle-MO (mikie_mo@hotmail.com) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 15:11
Oh my!!! These are so priceless! And remind me never to get one of you mad at me - if you can get this creative when you're being funny, I'd hate to see you angry :-)
The only decent prank I've ever done is when we poured a bunch of flour outside a girl's dorm room in college. Put it in a line right by the threshold of the door and used a hair dryer to blow it under the door into the room. The entire room was covered in a white dust. Worse, it basically turned to glue when she tried to wipe it up with a damp cloth. Took her forever to clean it up! (We are evil - but she had done something really nasty to another girl and deserved the payback.)

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Posted by: Sue (timgain@aol.com) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 21:20

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Posted by: BarbPA (barb@erie.net) on Mon, Mar 6, 00 at 22:05
I'm going to save these for when they are needed. ;^)