Create A Bootable CD/DVD or USB Disc

If your system does not have a floppy drive you might wish to create a bootable CD/DVD or USB Device to use for troubleshooting or updating the BIOS.

Create A Bootable CD/DVD

Creating a bootable CD requires more than simply copying and burning MS-DOS files to a disc. You need software that can create a bootable CD and you need either a floppy drive or an image of a bootable floppy. A good freeware CD Burning program that will do this is CDBurnerXP Pro found here

But if you already have third party burning software like Nero or Easy CD Creator then download and unzip this file - Actual Windows XP MS-DOS Startup floppy (Window Me based)

It is an image of the simple boot floppy created by XP. Run Nero (or whatever third party you use) and select the option to Create Boot CD. Point to the location of the unzipped file and follow the programs procedure to burn the disc.

Your disc will appear to be blank after it is burned but that is because the boot files are hidden. When you boot with this disc drive letter "A" will be assigned to it by the BIOS.

If you want a more complete bootable CD that will enable CD-Rom support then use  - Actual Windows 98 Start-up Floppy or - Windows 98 Startup floppy with a few additional tools.

Create Bootable USB device

Creating a bootable USB device is a bit different than creating a bootable CD/DVD. First your BIOS must support booting from a USB Device. If you BIOS does not support this option then you will not be able to do so. Check your motherboard manual and also check the manufacturer's site. If the BIOS doesn't currently support the option there might be an update form the manufacturer that enables it.

To learn how to boot a USB Device take this link and carefully follow the instructions given.

Make certain you download the Windows-based Format Utility for HP Drive Key or DiskOnKey USB Device tool found here

You will need system files to copy to the device. Download, unzip  and point to  one of these Windows Boot floppy files found here - Actual Windows XP MS-DOS Startup floppy (Window Me based) - Windows 98 Startup floppy with CD-Rom support and a few additional tools.